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What is zero-knowledge, client side encryption?

In cryptography, zero-knowledge refers to the organizations and people within those organizations operating the encryption service having no access to your encryption keys and data.  Client-side means that all of your data gets encrypted on you

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Can I share encrypted files?

Currently, sharing encrypted files is not supported as whoever you need to share the file with would need to use your secure passphrase to decrypt, which would compromise your encrypted data. That being said, we do have plans to create public &

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Why are there no thumbnails and previews for encrypted images?

Previews and thumbnails are limited for files within the Encrypted section.  This is because when creating thumbnails and previews, the data needs to be sent to one of our conversion servers for processing. Naturally, this cannot be accomplished wi

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How secure are my encrypted files?

About as secure as they can possibly get.  Since everything is performed client-side, only you have access to your encrypted data. That means, the only possible way for a 3rd-party to gain access to one of your files, assuming they have

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The Icedrive encryption process explained

The Icedrive encryption process is handled entirely client-side - meaning all data is encrypted on your device before being sent to our servers for storage. The first stage is the encryption of the filename. This is done using your key to produc

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What gets encrypted?

Everything important - The data from your files, of course gets encrypted - But at Icedrive, we take it one step further. The plaintext file and folder names also get encrypted using your encryption key.  This ensures that no matter what, no se

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Can I reset my encryption key?

It is possible to reset your encryption key however be warned: Resetting your encryption key will permanently  erase your encrypted files & folders - Such is the nature of client-side encryption. To reset your encryption key and more

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What happens if I forget my encryption passphrase?

If you forget your encryption passphrase - Your encrypted data will be unusable. Forever.  This is the way zero-knowledge encryption works - The only person who can access the files is the person who knows the encryption passphrase. This is

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Who has access to my encrypted data?

You are the only person who can access your encrypted data.  Everything you choose to store and encrypt with Icedrive is done client-side, using a secure 256-bit key that is generated on your device without ever being passed to our servers. 

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The web browser file decryption process

We have built different methods for decryption based on the browser your using. First of all, it's worth noting that it is always best to use the latest version of your browser to guarantee support in modern web apps.  That being said, some

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The twofish encryption algorithm explained

Twofish is a block cipher developed by Bruce Schneier and Counterpane Labs, published in 1998 and remains unbroken to this day and in the foreseeable future. Most cryptographers believe twofish to be much more secure than  the rijndael/AES algo

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Mobile device decryption process

For mobile devices, the decryption is pretty straightforward as there are not as many limitations as with a web browser. The entire encrypted file is downloaded to a temporary storage location and then decrypted in chunks to your specified downl

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