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How the bandwidth statistics are calculated

We have tried to make the bandwidth usage calculator as fair and as simple as possible. What is bandwidth? Bandwidth is the amount of data used by our servers to send or receive a file from you. Personal bandwidth usage Each plan gets a more

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Resetting a forgotten password

If you are locked out of your account due to a forgot password, simply head to the  login  page and select the "Forgot Password?" link. You will be show a dialogue where you enter your email address. An email will be more

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Can I have multiple free accounts?

We offer a generous amount of space to our free users - The highest any quality service has to offer without having to perform extra tasks.  We do not condone using multiple accounts to gain more storage. Our system routinely checks for such more

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What is the maximum file size I can store?

We do not set any limits on file size. Our servers use the latest XFS filesystem, which supports filesizes of up to 100TB - Far larger than any plan we have on offer (For now!). So get busy uploading!

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What happens if I dont confirm my email address?

We enforce email confirmations for the simple reason that we want to verify that the user has access to that particular email to receive crucial account alerts and notifications. It also stops the small minority of fraudsters hijacking emails more

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