Support Center Encryption How secure are my encrypted files?

How secure are my encrypted files?

About as secure as they can possibly get. 

Since everything is performed client-side, only you have access to your encrypted data.

That means, the only possible way for a 3rd-party to gain access to one of your files, assuming they have already bypassed authentication and have access to the raw encrypted file, would be to conduct a brute force attack.

Since Icedrive uses 256-bit keys, the number of possible hashes are 2^256 - Which is, are you ready.... 115 792 089 237 316 195 423 570 985 008 687 907 853 269 984 665 640 564 039 457 584 007 913 129 639 936 possibilities...which would take a top of the range supercomputer hundreds of years to accomplish.

On a normal computer, we're talking tens of thousands of years.

Hackers are known to be patient. But we think that might be a stretch.

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