Development Roadmap

Q1 2019

  • Icedrive is born!
  • Release Web Application
  • Release Android Application
  • Begin research & development for Icedrive encrypted

Q2 2019

  • Release mounted drive application for Windows
  • Begin research & development of Portable application

Q3 2019

  • Release client-side encrypted cloud section on Webapp, Android and Windows devices
  • Begin research & development of iOS application

Q4 2019

  • Release iOS Application

Q1 2020

  • Release portable app for Windows, Mac and Linux devices
  • File Versioning feature
  • Zip on-the-fly feature
  • Optimise Windows mount application
  • WebDAV Support
  • Webapp UI update

Q2 2020

  • Android app UI overhaul and bug fix update
  • Portable app update
  • Screenshot and screen video capture upload
  • Research and development for MacOS mount application
  • Research and development for further encrypted section utility (Thumbnails, Previews, Streaming, Sharing etc)

Q3 2020

  • Permissions based access on folder shares
  • Accept files from other users through folder shares
  • Release Icedrive Docs (working title) - Cloud based document editor
  • Folder sync for use with Mount app

Q4 2020

  • release Business level / Team based accounts
  • Business account branding and whitelabel
  • Begin Research & Development for Progressive Web App

Q1 2021

  • Release mount application for MacOS
  • Release Icedrive Community pages & forums

Q2 2021

  • Begin set up of global Icedrive CDN nodes to work with own datacenter hardware
  • Begin phasing out "Normal" cloud section in favour of client-side encryption across the board (Planned)

Q1 2022

  • Phase out of "Normal" cloud section complete (Planned)

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