Legal Documents GDPR Compliance

GDPR Compliance

Icedrive is fully committed to our users privacy, as outlined in our Privacy Policy. As such, we are fully compliant with the GDPR regulations.

We offer the following services to help protect your privacy and comply with the GDPR.

Download your personal data

We have account tools which allow you to view all sensitive data we keep about your Icedrive account and activity.

Erase your logged data

Logged data related to your account, such as IP addresses and login times and dates, can be fully erased from our system at your request.

Choose how you are contacted

We have broken down our notifications system to let you decide how, when and why we contact you. Accept all forms of communication to just certain notifications if you so desire.

No third party analytics software

We strictly do not use any 3rd party analytics / tracking software (Such as Google Analytics), which can be used to track your browsing habits for advertising purposes.

Full account removal

You are free to fully remove your account at any time. We do not keep accounts in 'quarantine' - Your data will be removed forever.

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