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Make substantial profits by marketing the Icedrive service. With great branding, excellent user reviews and a constantly updated and improved platform, Icedrive is a service you can be proud to promote.

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Program Benefits

No Time Limits

Most partner programs have cookie expiry, meaning you have a set time limit in order to land the conversion. With the Icedrive partner program, once you have referred a user - you get commission whether the user upgrades in one day or one year.

Recurring Payments

Commissions are enabled for each payments, not just the first. Earn a substantial income stream by promoting subscriptions. Yearly and Lifetime plans are also included for those seeking larger initial payouts.

20% Commission

We provide a flat rate of profit share of 20%, which combined with the unlimited cookie and recurring payment support is a very attractive figure. Payouts are processed via Bank Transfer at the start of each month.

Detailed Analytics

As with every Icedrive product, the partner program has access to a sophisticated dashboard enabling you to analyse and track your performance and tweak your strategy to suit.

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